My 15 minutes of fame extended

If you haven’t done so already I insist you all immediately run out and buy October’s copy of Vintage Life Magazine, although I warn you they are not very discerning on who they feature…


I’m in a magazine! (and if you didn’t say that in a Mike Wazowski voice in your head we can’t be friends)

I had a fantastic time in Quinto Bookshop doing the photos for the piece; the staff were super friendly - even offering us a cup of tea - and the range of books is incredible! The photographer Michael Innes (who also did my wedding photos!) did a great job of working with such a reluctant camera-shy model, the photos turned out great despite my grumbling! And if I say so myself my Vivien of Holloway dress looks rather fabulous! And also thanks to the nice folks at Vintage Life Magazine for this opportunity, it is most exciting!

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