Bon Voyage!

Just a quick post this week, I’m currently busy going dangerously close to the plane weight limit, packing for my upcoming adventure to the Middle East. In my case - more books (and shoes) than I could ever need in 3 weeks. My husband despairs every time we go away as he rifles through my suitcase, literally decimating the amount of books and outfits in there.

I’m in the unfortunate position of having recently finished my convenient book on Kindle, and nearly finishing my nice slim paperback. The next books that I’m dying to read are of course hefty hardbacks that would bulk up my carry-on bag something fierce. What a dilemma. So I’m now having to choose some more portable reading material to distract myself from the horror of the flight, and to accompany the beauty of sunbathing by the Red Sea.

My choices so far (on top of the usual guide books and phrase books) are ‘Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks’ (a fantastic find in a charity shop a few weeks ago) and ‘The Scarlet Letter’ that has been on my to-read list since seeing ‘Easy A’ with Emma Stone!

My Books Some of my to-read pile. It’s like Sophie’s Choice, who do I take?!

Anyway, by the time I’m back I’ll have read probably more books than the rest of the year combined and have lots to write about! So see you in a few weeks!

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