Dumbledore's Army - Still Recruiting

After all this time? Always…

I’m typing this very gingerly today - I’ve just got a tattoo on my wrist which is oh so convenient for all the writing I do. But it looks awesome so I can handle a tender bit of typing. Judge for yourself:

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Anyway, on with the (ouch) post. This week’s idea comes yet again from my lovely now ex-colleague Fiona. While catching up over the best burgers Covent Garden has to offer we got on to the topic of fandoms (although I’m not sure that exact word actually came up). We spoke in awe of the hordes of fans that are going strong on the internet, discussing their passion in minute detail, pitching new theories, creating memes, artwork, fan fiction. It’s fantastic and terrifying the love the fans feel, the amount of effort that goes into the things create and the sheer community spirit that they display towards others who happen to like the same work of fiction. Fiona couldn’t really relate to being so involved in something, however you, oh faithful reader, will know of my love of Harry Potter and know I can fully relate!

“It’s almost like a religion for some people” says the astute Fiona, and I couldn’t help agreeing. Think we’re over-reacting? Just go take a look at the amazing amount of Harry Potter fan sites on the internet, and the sheer amount of love involved in each; The Leaky Cauldron, Mugglenet, Rowling’s Pottermore. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Seriously, the people there are like a huge family, and the effort that goes into the running of these sites is insprired; indeeed the essays on there wouldn’t be out of place in an A Level English Literature coursework portfolio.

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There even was a short-lived, genuinely recognised religion based on the Harry Potter universe, Snapism. And even if one isn’t a fully converted ‘Snapewife’ then the regular ol’ Potterheads will be there for you too. Because it’s true, as much as people put into the fandom, there’s as much to get out of it. The amount of heartbreaking, heart-warming (and other cardiac based metaphors) stories that are out there of people turning to the books in times of need is amazing. Just a quick read of them will show you why; they are a real source of comfort. Love, friendship, family, good over evil, hard work and bravery are all strong themes in the series, which makes them a pillar of strength in a world that can sometimes run these things over without a thought. It’s probably not surprising; Rowling wrote from a place of real pain if you look at her oft-told back story, especially in the first book. So it’s only natural the books would attract those who are also suffering.

Think I’m putting too much importance onto this work of children’s fiction? Please do what I did while researching this post and Google Harry Potter saved my life and get back to me. Read essays from people who can put it a lot better than myself what the stories mean to them. And get the tissues ready.

Support network, life saver, moral code, source of love and community? They may just be ‘children’s books’ but this sounds like what a religion should be like to me.

So it seems like Dumbledore’s army is still going strong, even after all this time.

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